E-Learning for Life intends to bring meaningful courses to life. Our main focus of interest is personal and professional development. Founders John and Paula Schmitz have diverse but complementary interests. While John has focused his research on the mind and critical thinking, Paula has concentrated on health and wellness. Are you a professional in any of these fields? Give us a call if you want to put your creativity online!

Free Assessment: 

Please use the Contact page to send an abstract of your project. Tell us about your topic and what exactly you want to develop and accomplish through it so we can give you a blueprint on how to go about it.

Let’s talk about your great ideas and your dream course! This is your legacy to the world. Just tell us about it and let’s get it done with our help.

Course Development: 

Don’t worry, we do all the hard work: Your course needs assessment, instructional design, the development including the storyboarding, the media implementation and the evaluation, including your first pilot course. Nice and easy design, and yes, also responsive, to achieve your teaching goals and your students’ learning outcomes.

Course Hosting:  

We host our websites and e-learning programs on a state-of-the-art platform with incredibly powerful tools and security. You don’t need to worry about your course administration, we do that for you too. We upload your course, update your content as needed, enroll your students, promote your course and sell it for you!

In a Nutshell… Impact

You only focus on CONTENT: Work on your ideas, on how to pour your knowledge and skills into a teaching lesson that will enrich the lives of others. Send the text and the images you want to use. And we do the rest! And by the way, we are one of the few companies that require NO upfront fee for this service, so you have nothing to lose and a LOT to earn!

Next Steps…

Call Paula to discuss your online course today!