Remember the old days when we e-learning professionals and authors would write our first presentations and courses with PowerPoint? Well, we have come a LONG way from those days! We use iSpring Suite instead, a full-fledged authoring tool.

And please, don’t get me wrong! PowerPoint is a wonderful authoring tool and it is still working as the BASE for many other pieces of fancy software that are added on to the slide “mastermind”.  That is precisely why they are called, ADD-ONs!

What is an authoring tool?

It is a magic wand tool. A great set of tools that will be installed on the top toolbar of your PowerPoint application and will help you design and develop beautiful courses. After the authoring tool is added to the top menu of your PowerPoint app, voila, with one click of the mouse you will be able to access incredibly powerful tools that will enhance your course content development by adding beauty, creativity and most importantly, interactivity, which is crucial for participant engagement.

This is not a blog where I would typically review the leading authoring tools in the market. This is a page that I use to promote the authoring tool that in my personal experience has proven to be the most user-friendly. Why is this important, you might wonder.

Well, well… There is a learning curve in mastering others, believe me! I have tried most of the leading ones and finally stuck with ONE. And it is my purpose, through my technology coaching, to EASE the way for authors, writers, and course developers to put their courses online “The Simple and Easy Way!” Let’s get it done!

iSpring Suite

This is the best authoring tool in my experience for rapid prototyping. You will create your course on PowerPoint and add images from a Content Library, characters, video, and quizzes to test comprehension. Take a look at this video for a beautiful review of the main features.

For more information on this wonderful authoring tool and to get a 5% discount, contact me. You will also get a personal invitation to have a one-on-one live demo with me where you will be able to learn more about this tool and get personal coaching on getting started.

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