As an e-learning developer for many years, I get this question ALL the time: Paula, I have a great project, I have all the modules for a wonderful training, class, webinar, or online course, but WHERE can I post my online course EASILY?

AND after that, I get the next question: Better still, WHERE can I sell my online course and monetize my expertise? So this is literally “the million-dollar question”. With a good course, you can become wealthy while helping millions of people out there.

Get this: With you get a membership site where you can publish an unlimited number of courses. Yes, UNLIMITED!

And for now, until Groove exits its Beta stage, you can sign up for a LIFETIME account and get your membership site. You pay once, just a one-time payment, and no more recurrent annual payments. Period.  You will be able to sell your courses using GrooveSell. Unbelievable!

GROOVE Hosts Multiple Membership Websites For Free

Membership sites can be profitable. But the problem is most solutions are pretty expensive. There are high monthly fees, even when you don’t have any content, plus there are transaction costs after you start making sales.

This isn’t really suitable or reasonable for anyone just starting out and still learning the ropes, there has never been a newbie and budget-friendly solution… Until now!

Introducing GrooveMember™, which allows you to create your membership site for free if you have Groove’s Platinum account.

How to Start Your Membership Site the Easy Way

  • Go to your Groove Apps dashboard
  • Select Apps, and navigate to GrooveMember

Here you’ll choose content memberships and click new membership. Follow the on-screen instructions and create your membership site for free! You will be amazed to see how easily you can post your video lessons. Your course navigation is posted automatically for you too.

Now you can create online courses the EASY and user-friendly way. Forget about complicated software, just upload, publish, and BOOM, it’s done. With one click of the mouse, you will have beautifully designed modules and sell your courses online. Do not wait any longer…

<<=Create your Groove Platinum Account HERE=>>

And let’s start grooving together! 🙂

Host your Online Course for Free for a Lifetime
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